Bitgenia spawns from the union between Flux IT S.A, a leading company in software development, the Structural Bioinformatics Group (Grupo de Bioinformática Estructural, BSG), a technical unit of the recognized Argentine National Scientific-Technological System and based at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. The group had vast experience in all branches of structural bioinformatics, in addition to a wide and consolidated knowledge in computational biology, biomolecular simulation, and structure-activity relations.

We have innovation as our north, and seek to boost the relation between the industrial and scientific-technologic sectors, convinced that the potential and growth perspectives for the bioinformatics sector are enormous. This is a crucial time to seriously look into the possibilities of the sector, helping advance research; developing and upgrading services and products. As a result of this realization, we started working on innovation, research, and technological development projects. Thanks to the multidisciplinary convergence present here, Bitgenia has a scientifically sound base in its DNA, particularly focused on molecular biology and genomics, together with a proven expertise in the IT sector. This unique combination makes Bitgenia a pioneering bioinformatics company in Argentina.

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Bitgenia no proporciona consejo médico, diagnóstico o tratamiento. Los análisis e informes proporcionados por Bitgenia son únicamente con fines informativos y están sujetos a cambios. Los productos y servicios de Bitgenia son solo para su uso en la investigación y no se pueden usar en los procedimientos de diagnóstico. Por favor, tenga en cuenta que Bitgenia no ofrece ningún análisis genómico personal.

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